As a distributor for broncolor products, it has been brought to our attention that there is a potential safety and reliability issue concerning a particular batch of Halogen Bulbs produced by Osram.

In severe cases the fault represents a safety issue which can cause the bulb to explode with extreme force.

The issue concerns: Osram - 650W/230V - 64540 halogen modelling lamps with production code 1523 - 1536

broncolor users and owners are advised to ensure that none of their broncolor Lamp-heads, Monolight light fixtures or spare bulbs contain the above detailed items. If you do encounter any of these bulbs, please REMOVE them immediately and notify your supplier, including a copy of this notice.

Users are also reminded to ensure the correct specification of fuse is used in their units (as specified on the lamp unit itself), and it is advised that the fuse is replaced whenever the modelling lamp is replaced, even if the fuse hasn't blown. We are working with broncolor in Switzerland to identify and locate all effected bulbs, and any bulbs purchased in the future will obviously be double checked for this batch fault before distribution.

Please note that these bulbs are also used in other manufacturer's equipment, so to ensure your safety you are also advised to check any other items which may contain this type of bulb.

If you are unsure whether your bulbs apply to this notice, or have uncertainty as to the actions you need to take, please feel free to call our UK Service Department on 020 8731 3270.